Redstone real estate

Changing the faces of cities

The REDSTONE REAL ESTATE, A.S., company focuses specifically on its own development projects and investments in long-term prospective and significantly profitable real estate, especially in the Czech Republic. We believe the main criteria for a projects’ successful realization, are – location, timeless architectonic solutions and above-standard quality materials and technologies used. The key parameters in regards to property investments are the projects’ location, the structure of tenants, sustainability and additional development opportunities. Since 2016, we have managed to add already a number of interesting projects and income properties among our portfolio. We own and rent retail and administrative spaces, as well as production and storage premises. At the same time, we are actively involved in its management and in development strategy, aiming towards making the most of them.

„Our projects are thought through to their last detail. High quality architectural design must combine with the functionality and economic sustainability of the project. We are local patriots, we care a lot about the development of the cities and regions where we operate. We consistently keep on building an atmosphere of trust in our relationships with investors and business partners.“


Richard Morávek
The REDSTONE Group founder

Project Financing

Bond programs

We manage the financing of our development and investment projects in cooperation with major banking institutions. By the fall of 2018, we have launched the project to co-finance our activities through the bond programs.

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Major investments

Our philosophy lies in seeking attractive investment opportunities in the area of income properties, where we assess, in particular, its location, tenant structure, synergy effects and prospective growth potential.


Real estate and development projects

We are highly active in the area of development activities, thus our portfolio includes attractive projects in various states of preparation or realization.

Our team

We are a compact and professional team composed of experienced personalities from various fields. At the same time, all our projects are worked on in cooperation with external partners who represent the top capacities in their professions.


The long-term strategy of REDSTONE REAL ESTATE, a.s. is dividing real estate investments between development projects and already existing commercial properties, which brings a stable income to the group. Currently, the group is preparing several very attractive projects.