Nová Velkomoravská

The revitalization of an extensive area of former military repair facilities will create a new urban quarter. Its design will be based on the principles of the New Urbanism movement. We shall transform the very last brownfield in the central part of Olomouc along the inner city ring road into a high-quality urban concept, organically connecting various aspects of the lives of the future residents – from work to housing to all the different types of leisure.


All of that bearing in mind the vast influence that the environmental level has on the quality of life of both, the individual and the community as a whole. We are working on a land use study using a high proportion of greenery and a wide range of functions – housing, commercial properties, business and administrative buildings, etc.). Situating here an infrastructure facilities of urban and regional importance (e.g. multifunctional arenas for sport and culture) is a possibility which is also considered. Units of urban amenities including sports and school facilities are planned as well, of course.

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Brownfield on the Velkomoravska street

Land area

171,000 sqm

Capacity of the multifunctional arena

audience of 7,500