We do not make fiery speeches on environmental protection, rather we prefer to actually do something for the cause. It is natural for us to behave in a sustainable manner, without resource and energy wasting. Our projects revive long-neglected sites, improve them and bring nature and life back to them. We also change the face of the cities for the better, by cleaning up old brownfields, removing environmental burdens and reviving waterways. We do not put the man and the nature against each other – we want to live in nature and care for it.

Reducing energy consumption

We design and build energy-efficient buildings

Promoting electro mobility

We create infrastructure for sustainable mobility

Water efficiency

We build retention tanks and use rainwater


We build using recycled materials

We build organically

We use recyclable materials and low-emission technologies

Why is sustainability important?


The more educated, better and nobler a man is, The more he respects the nature.


Jan Amos Komenský

A good practice example

Envelopa Office Center (EOC) is the very first office building of first-class standard in Olomouc. The ground floor is richly planted with greenery, offers enough space for relax, and – of course – has also stands for bicycles and scooters. A BMW electric car is available for rent to tenants, the underground parking lot provides facilities for cyclists. Charges for electric cars, bikes and scooters can also be found in the garages. The building is energy-efficient, heated and cooled by induction beams.

The EOC was the first building in Central Moravia to obtain a pre-certification according the international LEED standards at the GOLD level. The main criteria for this assessment are resource management, water conservation, energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, and selection of sustainable and risk-free materials, waste management, excellent indoor environment and innovative technological solutions.