Introduction of the company

The REDSTONE group has been active on the market since 2016 through its parent company REDSTONE REAL ESTATE, a.s.


Our group deals with development and investment activities. Since its inception, we have been directing our focus towards projects with higher added value, but we are open to any challenges we find attractive. Our specialty is connecting investment, development and real estate activities. Furthermore, we profile ourselves in areas of asset management and the implementation of bond programs. The issued bonds are used to finance our development projects, as well as to purchase interesting income properties, specifically e.g. administrative buildings, logistics halls and warehouses.


The portfolio of our investments is thus diversified between development projects and commercial real estate already generating a stable income. All projects are currently located in the Czech Republic, with the main areas of our activities being Prague, Olomouc and Pardubice.


The group’s long-term philosophy is also an attempt to apply a new approach to real estate development, and to create long-term attractive and functioning projects, simultaneously. The success of the group is closely linked to its proactive approach to their projects from the very beginnings, though the construction, to long-term management of completed assets. We approach each project on individual basis, trying to think through the smallest details. That is the fundament for the project’s future attractiveness and successful functioning.

Introduction of the company founder

The founder of the company is Olomouc’s businessman Richard Morávek, who has – alongside his partners – been behind the project of realization of the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Olomouc – Galerie Šantovka, and behind other projects currently in development, such as the exclusive residential project – Šantovka Tower. Under his lead, the REDSTONE group comes to the market with projects that are inherent in exceptional architectonical solutions, and that put emphasis on a high quality of the implementation, and – in particular – timeless conceptual solutions focused on comfort and added value for future tenants and customers of their own.


Our philosophy lies in seeking attractive investment opportunities in the area of income properties, where we assess, in particular, its location, tenant structure, synergy effects and prospective growth potential. In case we do process the realization of the given investment, we optimize the operational processes using our own asset management – either by a partial intervention or by a complete rebuilding of the functional structure. The main goal then is to maximize the added value of the investment managed in this manner.

Our projects


We are highly active in the area of development activities, thus our portfolio includes attractive projects in various states of preparation or realization. Behind each of our development projects, there is a unified company philosophy of timeless architectural and technical solutions with significant added value for the future owners and tenants. We process implementations of highly demanding projects such as the constructions of business and social centres or administrative complexes, as well as attractive projects like residential housing.

Our projects

Project financing

We manage the financing of our development and investment projects in cooperation with major banking institutions. By the fall of 2018, we have launched the project to co-finance our activities through the bond programs.

Bond programs