Galerie Pernerka (Galerie Pardubice)

Thanks to many years of experience in the regeneration of industrial sites and the construction of development projects, all REDSTONE Group concepts are characterized by exclusive architectural, exceptional design, quality and commercial efficiency. The brownfield which is to be converted into a mixed-use project with apartments, offices and a commercial and social centre is located in a strategic location near the main railway station.

This modern multifunctional complex will be built on the site of the former distillery in Pardubice. The business and social centre will offer a complex spectrum of tenants from various areas and sectors on a leasable area of 50,000 sqm. There will be classic retail space, as well as areas for leisure or entertainment activities (Multiplex, Jump Arena, Children’s Zone or spa) and an area for administration and health services. There will also be a hotel with a multifunctional hall.

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Pardubice - forecourt

Estimated completion


Leasable area

50,000 sqm

Number of tenants