Šantovka Tower

The studio of the world’s leading architect Robert Bishop is working on fine-tuning the design of the Šantovka Tower. The Regional Court in Olomouc dismissed the lawsuit filed by the ombudsman’s office and thus gave the project its green light. “We have a valid zoning permit, we will continue with the preparation. The zoning decision dealt with the basic parameters of the building’s location, now we will focus on the details of the tower’s appearance with an emphasis on the quality and originality of the architectural design,” commented Richard Morávek, founder of the Redstone Group, on the verdict. The court stated that the applicant was unable to present relevant arguments and instead of specific facts, it only took the side of some personalities who have long opposed the Šantovka Tower. Bishop’s studio has now started to finalize the project.

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Gravel parking lot at Šantovka Gallery


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